Top 5 Best Universities in USA: Best Ivy League Universities for Better Career Opportunities


If you are thinking about studying abroad in countries like the USA, then you will get a plethora of options to choose from. There are almost 172 US universities and colleges and if you aspire to study in the USA, then the top-notch university is not far away from you. But before taking admission, you need to go through the Times Higher Education World University Rankings. The top colleges in the USA hold a good position in Times Ranking. You can begin scrutinizing the best colleges on the basis of faculty, course curriculum, and placement. So, here is what in store for you for your higher studies in the USA.

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT is a private research university based in the lush green city of Cambridge, Massachusetts. Currently, MIT is working with the five major schools namely engineering, architecture, and planning, art, and social science, management and science. It is a breeding ground for scholars and houses 1000 faculty members and 11000 graduates as well as undergraduate students. The areas of research cover sustainable energy, Big Data, human health, Digital Marketing, etc. MIT also comes with a wide range of student activities along with a vibrant campus environment.


The teaching pedagogy is excellent, having university professors from all across the globe and MIT claims to have 85 Nobel Laureates, 45 McArthur Fellows, 29 National Medal of Technology, as well as 58 National Medal of Science winners. There are almost 30.4 % of the international students and the faculty-student ratio is 1:3. The average salary of MIT is $45k and the candidate is from the School of Engineering. The highest salary as per the latest report is $80,000.


It covers a good range of technology enthusiasts whose primary focus is to attract a global audience through innovation, entrepreneurs, as well as investors. Students can access all those journals which are moulded with a wide variety of information coming from different strata of technology.  MIT is the first global university that provides a report on the basis of the technology, telling the audience about the major technological advancement that can affect the career and the life of the people.


  • Stanford University

This university is situated in Palo Alto, near to Silicon Valley. It earned a huge reputation in building the technical industry of the USA. You will find almost 65 major areas of study for undergraduate courses at Stanford 7,000 undergraduate students attend Stanford and they are innovating with several organizations such as Snapchat, Google, HP and many more. Almost, 2180 Faculty members are available and the student-faculty ratio is 5:1.


The cultural collaboration of Stanford is distributed in various fields across the world that includes health as well as intellectual life. It is the epitome of knowledge and a hub where new ideas emerge and new innovation takes place. There are eighteen independent laboratories, centers, which impart education to the students and research scholars across the university.


As per the recent statistics, 70% of the students went for employment and 30% of the students are looking for independent ventures. Those who have got permanent work authorization, the mean salary is $1,57, 460 and for the non-permanent work authorizations, the mean salary is $1,39,899. The average range for the permanent authorized people varies from 72,000 to 300,000 USD and for non-permanent work authorizations this range varies from 80,000-2, 10,000 USD. This university holds a record base salary of $150k for the 5th consecutive year.


  • California Institute of Technology

Caltech or California Institute of Technology has come up with an amazing alumni base and holds an impeccable record of producing 39 Nobel laureates, four Field Medalists and Turing Award victors. Caltech has a student-faculty ratio of 3:1 with computer science as the most popular subject. It is an excellent center for engineering research and education and it has developed a community where you enthusiasts come and participate in various scientific challenges.


You will find approximately 2000 students at Caltech and the main campus is located near Los Angeles which houses 124 acres. The majority of the graduates reside on the campus and across all the six branches, there is a huge focus on science as well as engineering. Apart from the Nobel laureates, this college has a separate community comprising public advisers as well as politicians in various branches of science, technology, as well as energy.


This college has the highest number of students in the Ph.D. program. The figure of the postgraduates has culminated in an ever-growing culture. Majority of the characters which you have seen in the Big Bang Theory, mostly studied at Caltech.


Apart from the campus, it also works with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. The official staffs are coming from almost 85 countries. It offers graduate, undergraduate, as well as doctorate programs in various subjects such as maths, physics, chemistry, biology as well as material science. Presently almost 1,285 students are studying in Caltech and almost 950 students are enrolled in undergraduate programs. For the aerospace engineers, the average salary is $90k and for the Data Scientist post, the average pay package is $120k. For the position of the senior software engineer, the salary is $141k and for research engineers, the salary is $112k.


  • Princeton University

Princeton University is one of the premier colleges with a history of almost 200 years. The major areas of study in this university include Humanities, Social Sciences, Natural Science, as well as Engineering and Applied Sciences. This institute has almost 1,289 faculty members with a professional faculty of almost 76%. There are almost 1.576 Research funding events with a student-faculty ratio of 5:1. There are 27 faculty and staff Nobel Prize winners.


The commitment of Princeton towards shaping the career of the undergraduate students is profound. Being a student, you can learn a lot from the top-notch resources imparting world-class teaching. Because of the less student intake, they maintain a healthy relationship with the professors who are leaders of tomorrow. The course curriculum is mainly based on innovation, creativity, learning as well as connection with liberal arts, humanities, as well as social sciences.


Through the entire course curriculum, you will get to know the major disciplines and develop a keen interest in a particular field. Starting from the admission to the start of the college, the entire academic programme is taken care of by the Dean of the college which generates intellectual bonding and growth in each and every step. Job placement offers are quite good and there is scope for Ph.D. candidates as well. Students are placed in major MNCs with relevant skills and having domain knowledge about the particular subject. The average salary jumps up to almost $450K in the past academic year.


  • Harvard University

Harvard is an Ivy League university present at Cambridge, Massachusetts located in the area near to Boston. This institution takes almost 7,200 students for the undergraduate program and the admission process is very stringent since they take only 5% of the students. The major courses which are taught at Harvard include Computer Science, Political Science, Economics, etc. Almost, 96% of the students get graduated everywhere and the average pay package for the students is $70,300.


Here, the student-faculty ratio at Harvard University is much more pronounced and it is 7:1. Moreover, it conducts an evening degree program as well. It has an old heritage and is regarded as the most seasoned education foundation in the USA. There is an amazing work-life balance at Harvard University. Apart from imparting students to undergraduate students, Harvard Business School is there to provide education to various students for the MBA program as well as Doctoral programs. There are summer programs as well which includes the Career Discovery Program.


Although the course curriculum is quite expensive, it provides scholarships for the meritorious students. There are almost 79 in-house libraries and are regarded as the largest library in this world. Harvard has a notable alumni base and till date, it produces 14 Turing Award Champs, 158 Nobel laureates, 62 living legends. Also, Harvard provides online training programs for various management enthusiasts across the globe. You can access those courses online to make sure that you get all such accessibility. Recently it has come up with the data science live program where you can access the course materials and daily evaluation goes on.


Generating Scholars for Ages Across Various Domains

Universities of international repute are working great in terms of imparting education and preparing young students for a better future. The top 5 universities of the USA have various affiliations along with various other accolades thereby bolstering its position in QS world ranking. Preparing global leaders and working in the research and development program of different corporate is what we desire for in the long run. These universities will give you the opportunity to become a research scholar, a CEO of a reputed organization, an Entrepreneur, a NASA scientist, Research scholar and many more.