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5 Funny Sports And Weird Sports You’ve Never Heard of

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Funny Sports And Weird Sports: Everyone else has heard of jogging, soccer, rugby, tennis, swimming and football, but not everyone understands about boxing or cheese rolling. Curious to discover more? Read on, because we have assembled 25 of their most odd and amusing sports from all over the world, a few of which are odd!

1. Tuna Tossing

tuna tossing

Tuna tossing

This game started in South Australia from the little fishing community of Port Lincoln. It began being used as a means to spice up a festival and had been motivated by the fishermen who’d throw fish with the drive on their trucks. The winner is whoever manages to throw a fish that the furthest. The contest has come to be cleaner: a rubber fish is used by participants.

2. Toe Wrestling

Toe Wrestling

Toe Wrestling

This game resembles arm wrestling with gamers trying to pin down their opponent’s feet for 3 seconds. Players perform with the best of 3 rounds and play their bare feet switching between their right and left feet. There are separate divisions for women and men. The World Toe Wrestling Championship was continuing since the 1970s and appreciates involvement that is growing.

3. Hotdog Eating Contests

Hotdog Eating Contests

Hotdog Eating Contests

One of the more notable types of competitive eating, the principles involve participants hoping to eat as many hot dogs as they could in a ten-second interval. The game enjoys fame in Japan, Canada, and the united states and has spawned a massive industry.

4. Redneck Games

Redneck Games

Redneck Games

Held in East Dublin, Georgia each summer since 1996, this sporting event entails unique sports that you may not typically find in almost any other athletic context. A few of the events include dumpster diving, seed spitting, sand stomach flops serenades and toilet chair pitching.

5. Bubble Soccer

Bubble Soccer

Bubble Soccer

within this unique game, players have been strapped into enormous inflatable bubbles, IFunny, which protect their head and upper body. Each team includes five players each, and the sport is played much of the principles that football has. This game isn’t just incredibly fun to play with, but is also absolutely amusing to see!

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