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Lord Farquaad E Meme 2019

E Meme
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” E” meme
” E” is an e meme which has broken the world wide web now, it is a meme with the letter” E” and a profound fried image of Markiplier’s face together with Lord Farquaad’shead.

The significance of” E” e meme is unknown, but we’ve got some guesses.
1:” E” stands for” Epic”, in a humorous way.

2:” E” stands for” Earrape”, it doesn’t have any true meaning, just to make a  video much more e meme funny.

3:” E” stands for” Explosion”, it means something similar to mindblown.
4:” E” stands for” Empty”, nothing to say.

Meme Farquaad

Ironic, E meme, markiplier, lord farquad, e, Mark Zuckerberg, deep fried memes, memes afterward memes today, dark quad. Lord Farquaad / Markiplier E describes a deep fried picture of this face YouTube Let’s Player Markiplier photoshopped on the mind of Lord Farquaad out of Shrek


The simple fact that this really is a joke is the joke. It is intended to be absurd,” one poster wrote. The E is representative of the way memes have become so self-referential that something inherently useless. Including a very simple funding E, could be awarded significance for a meme by simply functioning as a meme. E is a transcended meme.

Original Video

Ruler Farquaad Markiplier E alludes to a pan-fried picture of the face YouTube Inception.

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