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Real Crying Cat Meme 2019

Crying Cat Meme
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Crying Cat Meme: Crying Cat also referred to as Schmuserkadser. Refers to a set of photoshopped pictures of cats using teary. Glassy eyes to appear as though they are gloomy.


The positioning of an extremely sentimental moment on a really innocent. And the adorable creature is where the joke is, even as it feels almost comical in how arbitrary it feels, Lord Farquaad E Meme 2019. Some iterations of this joke have edited photographs depicting somebody flipping off the cat or putting. The cats in more demanding or even more absurd situations to make it even more miserable or embarrassing “Crying Cat Meme“.


The first sighting of this image was posted on a Meme Generator by an anonymous member on June 11th, 2014. It plays from this image of Serious Cat. Yet another meme that involved the same photo of the cat. But with individual eyes photoshopped on to make the cat look uncomfortably serious.

The image would next make an appearance on from the user YoussefArafa88 in late 2014.

Throughout the German source, in addition. It took on the name of”Schmuserkadser”, becoming remarkably popular within a span of 3 years.

After this case, many more pictures were uploaded to sites like 4chan, Facebook, and Reddit with a similar premise as the original: a photo of a cat where the eyes have been photoshopped to be unbelievably moist and also make it look like the cat has been yelling.

About Crying Cat

The “Crying Cat” is a meme based off of photoshopped pictures of a cat, typically with very moist. Glass-like eyes to make it seem as though the cat is gloomy.

Crying Cat Meme Examples

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