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Memes: As many of you’re ( Memes ) conscious, Reddit has altered how principles are displayed to customers on the website. Because this was apparently done with the specific purpose of confusing everybody, we are auctioning off the subreddit to whichever clown out there gives us the maximum laundry detergent.

Alright, not really: We are just streamlining our principles so they’re unified across all platforms. Not one of these rules have changed, but we could decrease explanations for never read them “Memes”. Henceforth, here is how users may record any rule-breaking submissions They encounter.

Rule 1: All articles must make an effort at comedy. Humor is subjective, but all articles have to at least make an attempt at comedy. As the minimal age for Reddit accessibility is 13 years old, articles that are intentionally disruptive, discreet, or foolish will probably be taken off.

Rule 2: no memes, also no HIFW, MRW, MeIRL, or DAE articles. If your entry starts with”If you…” or”If they…” or anything of a similar character, it isn’t allowed here. Submissions depicting or comprising intentionally emulated behaviors (memes) are also not permitted, such as memetic picture macros,”challenges,” or components thereof.

Rule 3: Non-memetic picture macros are permitted. TL;DR: Ugandan Knuckles could locate his”wae” out of here. Serial reposters will probably be prohibited. Please utilize KarmaDecay to learn whether something was filed here before.

Rule 4: No private information, no hate speech, no denying. No identifying information, such as anything hosted on programs which makes that data public. Posts supporting the harassment of any person, community, group, or subreddit is going to be eliminated, and the submitting user might be prohibited. If needed, a report will be made into website management. In accord with Reddit’s coverages, there’s zero tolerance for it. TL;DR:

Rule 5: Do not be a dick. Anything between a political figure (no matter circumstance ) will be taken off. TL;DR: Don’t post your own deranged uncle’s political ramblings here.

Rule 6: No prohibited names “Memes“. No requesting for upvotes (in any form), no”Cake Day” articles, and no articles to communicate with the other Redditor. TL;DR: This isn’t YouTube.

Rule 7: Do not ask people to”register and discuss” or anything. The rest of the NSFW content has to be labeled as such. TL;DR: This can be not PornHub.

Rule 8: Don’t rehost or hotlink webcomics. If you aren’t the writer of this comic in question, then you can only submit links to the webpage where it’s hosted. Webcomic writers may request confirmation in the moderators, and they could rehost their particular work. TL;DR: All these TL;DR is becoming a nuisance to write.

Rule 9: No images of text. Submissions, where the comedy can be conveyed through text, are not permitted. Including images of text with immaterial images which don’t include context and transcriptions of standup comedy (like / / r/standup shots). Create a self-post rather. TL;DR: The very first laxative was likely invented by injury.

Rule 10: No SMS or societal networking content (like Reddit). Social networking content of any sort isn’t permitted. Including anything in Reddit, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, YouTube, or some other sort of”comments section” on the world wide web, in addition to pictures accompanied by text from these programs. Pictures with SnapChat text included are allowed, so long as all of the UI components are removed. Please see that our wiki for hints of where these entries could be provided. TL;DR:

Facebook should remain on Facebook, in which it belongs. Please also remember that all submissions to /r/Funny are regulated by Reddit’s policies on self-promotion and spam, we do not allow link-shorteners (since we do not like junk ), and this robots along with bot-like accounts are also not permitted (since we do not like spam).

As always, should you have any queries, concerns, compliments, or complaints, then you may always send a message to the moderators. A whole collection of our principles can be found on that our wiki, and we encourage visitors to record any rule-violating submissions they view.

Thank you for being a contributor, and for bringing slightly more bliss into the world!

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